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Puma recently recruited from the streets of Losangeles Stampd brand joint, the joint with a minimalist design style, the whole series of the gray and white and black colors crafted, including Trinomic Woven, Clyde two SNEAKER, it is reported that the series is now landing on the designated store. 3 26, is the birthday of the Max Air series, this time, the network revealed the Air Max Day special gifts. Nike, Air, Max, 1, ", Master", The", What, Air, Max, " through a variety of materials. It is reported that this section will be listed around March 26th, interested friends should not miss.for the Rio Olympic Games, among the most fiery shoes to Adidas Ultra Boost as a blueprint to build a "Olympic Medal" series, inspired by the Olympic Games prizes - gold, silver and copper three medals, but in fact, this series of "Gold" and "Silver" in already the first exposure, with the addition of the "Bronze", finally collect gold and silver copper. Among them, gold, copper two models have adopted a black Primeknit material uppers, white medium bottom, and then with gold, copper heel Stability Board, echoing the theme. The silver version of the vamp is black and white , Primeknit interwoven, with silver reflector followed by stable version, "Yan value" quite high. It is worth mentioning that, in order to highlight the precious gold, the golden version of Cage part of the leather to build. It is reported that the new "Olympic Medal" series has now appeared in Sneaker World online store, priced at 179 euros, as for when to launch the sale, we may wish to pay more attention to. In the sports arena, everyone wants to win the championship, but in the face of these three new color matching , Ultra Boost, what would you choose? - a penny, a great deal. - The red horse , "Lv Bu shoes". Today, Nike Free Mercurial Superfly, known as "Lv Bu", seems to be the love of many people". This Nike Flyknit Mercurial?? cheap jordans for sale Superfly IV football shoes inspired shoes with Nike's top technology "escort", Flyknit Free 5 knitting uppers, soles, and now all the major brands have adopted the sock type upper design, ensure its comfort. In addition, in the initial release, with the aid of HTM "day mission" halo, making it a difficult to find, high prices, it makes many people dream of a single product. Although, after the absence of HTM aura, and is no longer a "luxury", but this does not affect its gains, Nike popularity shoes position. Therefore, the free charge for you into the selection of the "Lv Bu" has sold over five colors, let you in a more affordable price, this pair of you would want to start again, or want to start with the classic. Nike, Free, Mercurial, Superfly, "Navy", price: 140 euros, or about 1049 RMB (200 euros), purchase address After launched its version of the NikeLab SP, which has been strongly sought after by everyone, Nike has come up with the blue design for you again. The inspiration for this color is from the Real Madrid star C Rowe earlier in 2015 to win the Golden Globe Award day, foot on the navy blue shoes prototype. Although there is no "SP" name blessing, but compared to the same configuration, the same design has become a hot pursuit. In addition, the heel part is put on a suede material, in the bottom position also canceled the ink detail embellishment, let it have good texture and more concise visual effect. editor's note: the price has been high, a lot of color. Nike, Free, Mercurial, Superfly, "Grey", price: 140?SOPHNET. recently released April new series, including pocket tee, short sleeved shirt, jogging pants, shorts, flip flops and other basic essential styles. Brand logo of the pentagram, camouflage, stripes, and pattern is still design, the "Star", and match SOPHNET. alphabet logo and quite summer cool feeling color highlights vibrant aesthetic trend. cheap air jordans The entire series is currently available at SOPHNET. with the specified retailer.Xinhua News Agency reporters Yang Ming and Wei Bo Liu Xiang is a commercial conspiracy?! Famous reporter broke the news article forwarded after four confirmation, confirm the rumors are false messages. [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] Beijing the evening of March 11, in the men's 60 meters indoor world championships in Turkey hurdles final, Liu Xiang, Chinese trapeze regret to 7 seconds 49 won the silver medal, the US players Merritt 7 seconds 44 win. This morning, Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Ming-known forwards in the personal micro-blog site a certain industry the latest rebellion article, the article said that the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Liu Xiang out of the race is a sports brand planning commercial plot, Yang Ming in doubt, "I do not know true or false, "but also lamented that" shocking! " Liu Xiang out of the race 08 Olympic Games are strange to say this has not been broken more than three years, but few people have a special system to explain where insider. This broke the news article published in the morning 08:33, the Xinhua News Agency reporters Yang Ming and Que Ren, the author of the article is a former sports brand executives. This person at the beginning of the article said: "As China marketing headquarters XX insider, I decided to expose some may never have a dirty little secret!" The article said Liu Xiang, from July 2006 after 88 to 12 seconds broke the world record of commercial activity is very high, seriously affected the normal life and his training. This person said that, in early 2008 struggling to cope with a variety of business activities, Liu Xiang can not systematic training, Liu Xiang their economic man team hope to have final closure preparing for three months to restore the state can compete for the gold medal. But the reality is that while the strong rise in Roberts Liu Xiang, the s cheap air jordans online tate delay is difficult to recover, Liu Xiang, and later in the year when the end of May to participate in the New York race "accidental" injuries. Liu Xiang's agent before the Olympics team, he has no choice but to announce a major sponsor brand, Liu Xiang, the state fell far short of the requirements to compete for medals. The brand senior emergency video conference via transoceanic economic team met with Liu Xiang, Liu Xiang, the commercial value in the context of the forthcoming greatly diminished the brand Liu Xiang endorsement fees paid to lower the requirements, was rejected Liu Xiang team, during a few weeks probably have neither willing to compromise, the article said the main reason for Liu Xiang, the team refused to self-worth is:. "Because they have a lot of media including government contacts, Liu Xiang will be included in income have a lot of General Administration of Sport" final throws of the brand executives shaking a mutually acceptable solution: Injuries reason to retire. The reason is: one can keep Liu Xiang's face, two of the brand as a sponsor will not be much loss. Players Ruoyin injury reasons unpredictable withdraw from the competition, it will greatly reduce the failure medal in the minds of consumers do not produce identity, even if the subsequent recovery in the medal status, we can have more publicity points. So August 18, 2008, Beijing Olympic Games 110 meters hurdles preliminaries Liu Xiang staged in the Bird's Nest "limping" retire because of injury amazing scene. If this statement is true, then the injured Liu Xiang, the past few years, as well as healing wounds are a huge scam. And this broke the news article, the indoor world championships in ????? suffered new defeat dished background, which seems to mean more worth pondering. 08 Olympic Games Liu Xiang out of the race may be fraudulent injury claims a long time, but the interpretation of which insider rumors in such det foamposites for cheap ail, this is the first pile. But the last thing, after all, can not recover, Liu Xiang is currently preparing for the London Olympics is in full swing, a number of commercial activities to minimize more systematic training, if not London gold, as long as Liu Xiang can try to strive for the best results like. 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The good times of preferential tax rates enjoyed by most foreign enterprises came to an end. it is understood that our country in the last century at the beginning of 90s has completed the unified foreign enterprise income tax unification and the income tax of domestic enterprises, foreign enterprises have formed a set of applicable "People's Republic of China enterprises with foreign investment and foreign enterprise income tax law", domestic enterprises for "People's Republic of China Enterprise Income Tax Provisional Regulations" and "double track" system of enterprise income tax. The domestic and foreign enterprises income tax rates were 33%, 24%, and 15% of the preferential tax rate for some special areas of foreign-funded enterprises, domestic enterprises to implement 27% profit respectively and 18% second take care of tax, tax class, so that different types of enterprises nominal tax rate and actual tax burden gap. the new "People's Republic of China enterprise income tax law" of domestic and foreign enterprises will be unified income tax rate of 25%, the end of China's use of foreign enterprises for more than 10 years to perform different tax "tax" era. But this undoubtedly adds to the production and operating costs of foreign-funded enterprises to a certain extent. People's Republic of China in the new "enterprise income tax law" has just passed a period of time, from all aspects of the review there are some people who think that can be heard without end, the tax rate adjustment will affect the enthusiasm of foreign investment in China to a great extent, and the Minister of Commerce Bo Xilai in the subsequent it is said that the China attraction of foreign investment enterprises will not be weakened. Foreign businessmen to China are not driven by a tax factor. Other factors are also important, and these factors are bigger than tax. influence on the reform of the tax law may bring to the foreign companies, insiders said, because the new law is to encourage the service industry and manufacturing industry to promote industrial development limited, so is the most affected manufacturers, especially small and medium sized enterprises. The service industry, such as consulting firms, Financial Services Company and retailers, will benefit from it. : in this regard, the world's largest brand-name sports shoes manufacturer Yu Yuan Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. officials said that it is difficult to calculate the impact of the new tax law. But rich human resources, good infrastructure and huge markets are important, which will allow them to continue to invest more in China, which is considering building new factories in the mainland. The head of another Hongkong shoe maker believes that a higher tax burden will easily be offset by profits in China. "Our company plans to be in Guangzhou this year."Yesterday, we brought you the Solemart 2016 shoes summit at the foot of the collection, this time we will take together the inventory of Munich station 20 of the most expensive pair of shoes. In fact, we do not have to look, we can also guess, Yeezy, NMD, Air, Jordan every time the summit is the most eye-catching style, and joint cooperation of crystallization is often valuable, nonsense talk less, let us limit it. solemart-munich-most-expensive-05.jpg (92.08 KB, download times: 135) download attachment Solemart 2016 Munich station's 20 expensive pair of sneakers, 2016-12-1 upload at 12:15 solemart-munich-most-expensive-22.jpg (128.86 KB, download times: 133) download attachment Solemart 2016 Munich station's 20 expensive pair of sneakers, 2016-12-1 upload at 12:16 solemart-munich-most-expensive-21.jpg (126.63 KB, download times: 135) download attachment Solemart 2016 Munich station's 20 expensive pair of sneakers, 2016-12-1 upload at 12:16 solemart-munich-most-expensive-20.jpg (110.64 KB, download times: 139) download attachment Solemart 2016 Munich station's 20 expensive pair of sneakers, 2016-12-1 upload at 12:16 solemart-munich-most-expensive-19.jpg (110.11 KB, download times: 132) download attachment Solemart 2016 Munich station's 20 expensive pair of sneakers, 2016-12-1 upload at 12:16 solemart-munich-most-expensive-18.jpg (136.96 KB, download times: 140) next 0NBA competition fierce degree presumably do not have to say, and holding breakthrough tend to become a about match the key moments of one of the most important factors. In the game, who broke away from the masters will master according to the changing of the guard break time, rational use of technological breakthroughs, and shot, the ball, the fake action used in combination, not only can directly through to the basket score or making a foul on an opponent, and can effectively increase his offensive power and disrupt the opponent's defensive footing, is at the end of the game a big kill device! Here we have to take stock of the NBA active "breakthrough master", the ranking is not divided first order. 1. Dwyne · Wade Dwyne · Wade (January 17, 1982 -), American professional basketball player, division and service scoring guard. Play for the Miami heat. Wade nicknamed "Dwyane", mainly rely on their own fast as lightning start speed and strong explosive force bypassing the defender reached inside, then raging in the basket. But the speed was fast, coupled with the skilled dribbling skills! Often a change to the opponent far behind! Like a cheetah like followers with blood meat breakthrough! As a point guard height is too low, but the arm show is very long, with the strong upper limb so that he can calmly face the vast majority of physical confrontation, the ability to create a first-class foul. (2013 of the Eastern Conference finals G7: Wade once again let the world people see he leads the world "Shadowstep") 2. Lebron · James a LeBron & middot; James (1984 to December 30, -), American professional basketball player, the Secretary small forward, effectiveness in the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team. James is one of the most versatile players in the history of the NBA, can be 1 to 4 on the pitch. James's breakthrough in general for the same side step, cross step and turn around three people, but he turned around to less than Carter and others. He was the first to the opponent's defensive center of gravity with a fake action to open, and then accelerate to get rid of. James and general Wei Feng of the rocking the only different is that he is beyond the power of ordinary people and 108.9KG weight, so he can with the body of the advantages and the super aloft ability make his breakthrough get twice the result with half the effort, in the key to the game is more of a threat of. (2013 G1 Eastern Conference Finals: James on their own super breakthrough lore Walker) 3. Kobe · Bryant Kobe · Bryant (August 23, 1978), American professional basketball player, played for the NBA Losangeles Lakers since 1996, the division of the post scoring guard. Kobe · Bryant is a former NBA basketball player Joe · Bryant's son. Kobe NBA is one of the best scorers, he is also good at breakthrough shooting free throws three balls, 〉